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The bay area's premier cover band, 10 TIL 2 is based out of San Jose, California. The 5 piece band covers classics from the 60's to the latest releases all through state of the art equipment which include a visual light show.

10 TIL 2 performs at many types of events: corporate events, private parties, festivals, special events, wineries, tv/film, weddings, restaurant/bars. After 15 years the band still enjoys every opportunity to perform.


The Party Never Stops! 10 TIL 2 provides a non-stop live show that entertains all types of audiences. Once the shows starts..it doesn't stop with non-stop music! Keeps the dance floor moving and the audience entertained. For clubs, bars, restaurants and other establishments looking to attract and retain customers 10 TIL 2's approach works. Learn More About 10 TIL 2 Entertainment

About The Band

You can find some background info on 10 TIL 2 and the 15+ year journey.  Learn how 10 TIL 2 came about, the band members, and 10 TIL 2's view on playing music. 10 TIL 2 continues to be one of the most requested bands in the bay area. Read more

Up Coming Shows


10 TIL 2 plays all styles of music from dance, rock, hip-hop and more. 10 TIL 2 covers not only the classics but the current release just out a few weeks ago. After 15 years of live performances the band has a huge vault of music to choose from that appeals to all types of audiences. 

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Booking 10 TIL 2 - Lets make your event a success!
Hiring 10 TIL 2 could not be easier! Call or send a message and you will be contacted back within 24 - 48 hours.  A band representative can discuss your event and answer any questions. Learn more about hiring 10 TIL 2 for your event. Booking information, stage plots, hi-res booking material and more, click the link.

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10 TIL 2's Facebook Page

10 TIL 2 Facebook Page - Join 10 TIL 2 here on the band's Facebook Page to stay posted on shows and all that other important stuff like band gossip, what new gear is out, what songs should the band play, etc... and live update from the show! Be sure to LIKE US! . Go to the 10 TIL 2 FACEBOOK PAGE




You can also sign up via a text message!!!
Just text your email address to 408-728-4388

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